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UK Mid & Small Cap Research
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Institutional relationships (Post MiFID II)

Equity research covers a broad and diverse range of companies.

Peel Hunt has the widest coverage of companies listed in the UK, covering 17 sectors plus Economics & Strategy from a pool of 40 analysts.

Sales and Sales Trading at Peel Hunt combines independence of thought with excellence in execution

We have one of the largest dedicated distribution teams in the market with 45 sales people, sales traders and core traders. We sell and provide execution services for UK equities to UK, North America, Europe and Asian based institutional clients; and provide execution services in North American, European and Asian equities for retail investment platforms.

What differentiates us

Broad coverage - mid & small cap companies

We provide analysis on 440+ stocks across 17 sectors – the broadest coverage of mid & small cap companies in the UK.

Highly trusted and regarded

We have built a reputation on consistency, trust and quality. Rated #1 for six years in a row, UK Mid & Small Cap Research Institutional Investor (Extel) Surveys.


We specialise in selling and executing UK equities and have dedicated UK and international sales and sales trading teams which cover all the relevant UK and global accounts.

Well connected

Our #1 ranked sales and sales trading teams have over 1,230 institutional relationships post MiFID II covering long only, absolute return, sovereign funds, wealth management and family offices in the UK, the US and Europe.

We are UK specialists with global reach

  • United Kingdom

    16 sales
    9 sales traders
    8 core traders

  • Continental Europe

    3 sales
    1 sales trader
    1 corporate access

  • United States

    5 sales
    2 sales traders
    1 corporate access

  • Canada

    Unique Partnership with CIBC

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Hayden Ballard

Hayden Ballard

Head of Sales

Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Head of Equities

Charles Hall

Charles Hall

Head of Research

James Hipkiss

James Hipkiss

CEO, Peel Hunt International

Clyde Lewis

Clyde Lewis

Deputy Head of Research

Matt Reali

Matt Reali

Head of Sales Trading