Our commitment to ESG is supported by our purpose of ‘Guiding and nurturing people though the evolution of business’. 

We take seriously our responsibility to take care of our wider impact on ESG issues, and how they play out for all those we engage with. As a responsible company, this means taking care of each other, and doing business honestly and with integrity, for the good of everyone. ESG sits at the core of our strategy and is rooted in the values and behaviours which have informed our culture for more than a decade. 

Our Board-level ESG Committee leads the design and delivery of our ESG strategy.

Three other working committees focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Community & Sustainability, respectively.

We look at our responsibilities as the direct impact of our operations – looking after our people's wellbeing, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry, being active in our local communities, and reducing our carbon footprint. We also focus on the wider influence we have through our work with our corporate and institutional clients, including supporting our corporate clients to develop and manage their own approach to sustainability.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We recognise that improving diversity and inclusion is both a moral and a business imperative. And while we are proud to be expanding the diversity of our staff, whether by gender, ethnicity or other characteristics, we know there is still a great deal to do, within our firm and in the City.

Health & wellbeing

The wellbeing of our people has always been, and continues to be one of our top priorities. We have an extensive wellbeing programme to support our people’s physical and mental health as well as general wellbeing.

Environmental impact

We are working on reducing our gross carbon footprint and aiming to become carbon neutral in the medium term. We chose to move into a low impact office and have started working on our carbon neutrality plans.

Community & charity focus

We believe in doing what we can to support good causes, in our personal and professional lives. We give employees an annual charity day to volunteer, supporting causes such as natural preservation, homelessness, education, health and the elderly.

Aligning with UN SDGs

Our alignment with four main goals and our support and the basis for our 2030 sustainability ambition.