2022 Edition: UK Company SIFA ESG Review

UK companies now challenged with linking ESG ambitions to data, financial materiality, and stakeholder expectations

The research has been designed to help identify best practice as companies continue on their own ESG journeys. We are delighted to send you the results published in this review.

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In summary, the research shows strong progress in how ESG is being implemented within organisations as its material impact on performance and valuation becomes increasingly evident across multiple stakeholders. However, although it seems that UK companies are successfully making ESG part of their strategy, they are facing a greater challenge in embedding it into their operations and value chains to drive change. As a key indicator of ESG’s growing relevance, companies are planning to invest more time and resource into their ESG programme despite the expected challenging economic environment.

  • 86% of UK mid- and small-cap companies now link some form of executive management remuneration to ESG performance, up from  25% last year
  • 80% view ESG as positively aligned with shareholder returns, increasing from 54% in 2021, showing further evidence of the recognised impact on corporate performance and valuation.
  • Over half of companies embedding ESG within their strategy; but only 13% consider ESG fully embedded within their business operations

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