Corporate Broking

Working alongside our sector specialist teams, corporate broking supports our retained corporate clients by providing timely institutional feedback and sentiment as well as broader market intelligence.

In addition, corporate broking builds relationships with founders of private companies and private equity investors, who are looking to access capital through IPOs or private capital markets. 

The team provides the market perspective around valuation, distribution strategy and suitability for listing. They are a key part of the deal team, providing continuity through the execution stage, marketing and ongoing corporate broking advice. Through continuous daily interaction, the corporate broking team has built up extensive and strong working relationships with key UK portfolio managers, private equity firms and advisors. The team also benefits from their broader experience, having previously spent decades in both equity sales and broking advising UK companies and their associated executive teams on all matters relating to institutional relationships, engagement, attitudes, behaviour and investment philosophies.

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Head of Corporate Broking – Investment Banking