Supporting Fintechs

“The worst thing you can do in the disruptive world of tech is to retrench” advises Daud Khan,  TMT investment banking director at Peel Hunt.

Daud Khan recently chatted to Matt Hyde, managing director of Fintech Awards London as well as a director of fintech recruitment provider Recruit 121, about finding great scale-up companies in the UK within the fintech sector and helping those companies from an advisory standpoint.

“There’s obviously a lot of macro issues that we’re facing not just in the UK but globally around interest rates, inflation and the war in Ukraine and this ultimately has to have an impact on on the economy and businesses, in particular scale-up businesses that require funding or are trying to grow. 

We’re seeing that seed funding for companies has slowed down in the last couple of quarters but we are seeing that later stage fundings are still there. Yes, potentially at low valuations but still growing businesses.”

My best advice to scale-ups, particularly in this environment, is yes there’s some difficult times at the moment but remain true to what your business is. If you truly believe that this is a disruptive technology in an interesting space then pursue that and allow partners to help you.

Look for help and look for advice. Don’t retrench because the worst thing you can do in a disruptive world of tech is to retrench because you get lost. Keep pushing forward with discipline and with the right partners.” Daud Khan

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