Podcast with Rachel Kent: Changing the dynamic in UK markets

In this episode of the Peel Hunt podcast, Charles Hall, Head of Research talks with Rachel Kent on changing the dynamic in UK markets.

They discuss the multiple regulatory changes in the UK and progress made since Rachel Kent’s UK Investment Research Review, which was published in July 2023. These changes are essential to address the issues in the UK capital markets, including funding research and encouraging retail investment.

➡ The discussion ranges from the importance and payment of research, a shift in focus from cost to value, to the importance of pensions in supporting UK economic growth.
➡ Recognising the problems is central to resolving the issues and enhancing the capital markets.
➡ Although much remains to be done, there is now real momentum for change.
➡ A must listen for anyone that cares about UK capital markets.

If you are interested in listening more, you can tune in to the full podcast here: