Coronavirus - 28 June


• Portugal to impose 14-day quarantine on UK arrivals

• Hong Kong to ban all UK flights

• Greece to offer €150 to young adults to get a vaccine

• Taiwan increases quarantine requirements for UK and six other countries

• 11.8% of US health workers have received threats at work, CDC

World News

 AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford have begun trials of a modified vaccine designed to act against the Beta variant. More than 2,000 volunteers are being recruited in the UK, Brazil, South Africa and Poland.

• An Oxford University study has found that giving people a third dose more than six months after their second led to a substantial rise in antibodies and increased the body’s T -cell ability to fight the virus .

• Portugal is requiring people arriving from the UK from today to quarantine for14 days, unless they can prove they have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks previously with a vaccine authorised by the EU.

• Hong Kong will ban all passenger flights from the UK starting on Thursday . • Spain will start to demand a negative test or proof of vaccination from British tourists who want to enter Mallorca, Ibiza and the other Balearic islands.

• An outbreak of the Delta variant in Sydney has grown to 128 cases; the city went into a two -week lockdown on Saturday. A small number of cases have also now emerged in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

• Taiwan has increased its quarantine requirements for travellers from seven high -risk countries (Brazil, India, the UK, Peru, Israel, Indonesia and Bangladesh) who must quarantine in a government facility on arrival and be tested twice. The costs of quarantine and the tests will be covered by the government.

• Germany is imposing new quarantine restrictions on people returning from Portugal because of rising cases of the Delta variant.

• In the US, 23.4% of public health workers have reported feeling bullied, threatened or harassed because of their work and 11.8% said they had received a job -related threat during the pandemic, according to data released by the CDC.

• South Africa has imposed new restrictions : all gatherings, indoors and outdoors, would be banned for 14 days, along with the sale of alcohol, dining in restaurants and travel to or from the worst -hit areas of the country. An extended curfew will also be imposed, and schools shut early for holidays.

• Dhaka, Bangladesh has halted almost all public transport ahead of a lockdown to come in on Thursday. Only essential services and some export -facing factories will be allowed to operate.

• AstraZeneca has said it is on schedule to meet its commitments for supplying vaccines in south -east Asia, after some initial delays in regional production and delivery.

• Greece has begun offering young adults €150 to take the first vaccine dose . Company news Retail

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