Coronavirus - 22 September


• UK adds India’s Covishield to approved vaccines list

• No fly zone declared over Melbourne amid lockdown protests

• UK announces vaccine swap deal with South Korea

• A treatment derived from llamas shows significant potential

• In the UK, 62% more miles were cycled in 2020

World news

• The UK government has added India’s Covishield vaccine to its list of approved vaccines.

• A therapy derived from a llama named Fifi has shown “significant potential” in early trials at the Rosalind Franklin Institute in Oxfordshire. It is a treatment made of nanobodies, which are smaller, simpler versions of antibodies that llamas and camels produce naturally in response to infection. Public Health England said it was among the most effective SARS -CoV -2 neutralising agents it had ever tested.

• In Russia, 40 million out of 146 million people are fully vaccinated.

• The UK has agreed to swap more than one million vaccines with South Korea. Under the deal, South Korea will receive the first batch of Pfizer vaccines in the coming weeks and will later return the same volume of doses to the UK.

• Emmanuel Macron’s personal information has been shared on social media. Details including Macron ’s date of birth, date of vaccination and the type of vaccine he received were revealed after a photo of his health pass ’s QR code appeared online.

• People vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates will be able to avoid quarantine when arriving in the UK from 4 October.

• Department for Transport (DfT) statistics show that in 2020 the average number of cycling trips per person rose by 23%, from 17 to 21. The average number of miles ridden per person increased by 62%.

• On average, £4m was stolen through fraud every day in the UK during the first half of the year. In total £754m was stolen in the first half of the year, an increase of 30% compared with the same period last year.

•The Australian state of Victoria has seen a third day of protests against the compulsory vaccination of construction workers.

• A no -fly zone has been declared over Melbourne, Australia’s second -largest city, amid a third day of anti -lockdown protests.

• Romania’s government has announced a new vaccination lottery. Any fully vaccinated residents with an EU digital Covid -19 certificate can enter the scheme, which is running from 1 October until the end of the year. In total, 19 draws will be made during the period with 1,139 prizes , totalling £2.6m .

• Health authorities in Germany are planning new rules , under which unvaccinated workers would not receive compensation for lost pay if coronavirus measures forced them to quarantine.

• There were 3.6 million new cases of Covid -19 reported around the world last week, down from 4 million new infections the previous week , according to WHO data.

• Ukraine is planning to make vaccinations mandatory for certain professions, including teachers, employees of state institutions and local governments