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Financial Advisory and Capital Markets Services to Corporates

Comprehensive coverage of over 420 companies

Investment ideas and execution for institutional investors

Complete UK pricing coverage and worldwide access

Our joined-up approach allows us to consistently deliver value

A wealth of experience, strong collegiate ethos underpinning our joined-up approach

Our principles define the relationship between our people, our departments and our clients

We are committed to making a difference in the communities we live and work in

Will clients need to trade report?
No. Peel Hunt will conduct all trading on venue, as it does now with all UK equity trading, and in this scenario the obligation to trade report will be with Peel Hunt.

Which APA is Peel Hunt going to use?
Peel Hunt has not identified a need for an APA.

Will Peel Hunt offer delegated or assisted trade reporting?
Peel Hunt has not identified any need to offer delegated or assisted reporting.

Will Peel Hunt be a Systematic Internaliser (SI)?
Peel Hunt will not be an SI.

What information will Peel Hunt need from clients to transaction report?
We will require an LEI (for entities), national identifiers (for private/custody clients) and short selling flag information.

Will Peel Hunt offer assisted or delegated transaction reporting?
Peel Hunt will not offer assisted or delegate transaction reporting.

In what capacity will Peel Hunt act?
Peel Hunt will act in the DEAL capacity.

How will Peel Hunt transaction report worked orders?
Peel Hunt will report individual market side trades at the fill level, and client side trades at the order level.

Which research payment mechanisms will Peel Hunt support?
Peel Hunt will support own funds and RPA (transactional and accounting) mechanisms.

Will Peel Hunt be an RPA Administrator?No.

How much does access to research cost?
This will vary from client to client. Peel Hunt will continue to discuss commercials with clients. Please contact rsa@peelhunt.com for more information.

Will you be updating your Terms of Business?
Yes. These have been updated. Please contact clientonboarding@peelhunt.com.

What is your LEI?
Our LEI is 5493007DWN0R4YBM4C84.

Which legal entity will I transact with?
Peel Hunt LLP.

What disclosures will you make for best execution?
We will make RTS28.

Will you be updating your Order Execution Policy?
Yes. These have been updated. Please contact clientonboarding@peelhunt.com.

How will the double volume caps affect our trading with Peel Hunt?
Peel Hunt is generally pre-trade transparent so makes very little use of the capped pre-trade waivers. The direct impact on Peel hunt is therefore expected to be limited.

Who should I contact if I need more information?
Please use the specific contacts outlined above or speak to your regular Peel Hunt contact or relationship manager.


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