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• A total of 1bn people in China are fully vaccinated

• In France, 3000 un-vaccinated healthcare staff suspended without pay

• Diplomats attending the UN general assembly in NY will need proof of vaccination

• Lockdowns begin to ease in Manila

• ‘Dozens’ test positive in the Kremlin

World news

• All diplomats attending the UN general assembly in New York next week will have to provide proof of vaccination, the city government has confirmed.

• A study in the New England Journal of Medicine examined data relating to 1.1 million Israelis, aged 60 and older, who had received two doses of vaccine at least five months earlier and then received a booster or did not. After 12 days, those who had a third shot were 11 times less likely to have a confirmed infection and 20 times less likely to develop severe Covid -19 than those who did not.

• Hong Kong’s government has recommended children aged 12 -17 should get only one dose of the Pfizer’s vaccine after reports of heart inflammation side effects.

• The United Nations children’s agency U NICEF, has urged education authorities to reopen schools as soon as possible. Schools in around 17 countries remain fully closed, while those in 39 countries remain partially closed.

• The World Meteorological Organization said the drop in CO2 emissions last year due to the pandemic was not enough to reverse the rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

• When polled in a You Gov survey of 1,684 people, 79% of business leaders and 70% of people predicted that workers would "never return to offices at the same rate".

• In France, 3000 health workers who did not get vaccinated ahead of a deadline of 15 September have been suspended without pay.

• More than 1 billion people in China (71% of the country) are now fully vaccinated, according to official figures.

• Sweden will offer a vaccine to children aged 12 to 15 years later this autumn.

• Spain will provide a booster vaccine to those in at risk categories. Those set to receive the extra dose include:

- nursing home residents
-organ transplant recipients
-cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy
-people with medical conditions that requires immunosuppressants

• Lockdowns in the capital region of Manila have begun easing as the government shifts towards localised lockdowns. Outdoor dining and religious gatherings are to be allowed at 30% of each venues' capacity.

• The vaccine rollout in England is estimated to have directly prevented around 230,800 hospital admissions among people aged 45 and over, according to new figures from Public Health England.

• The first booster vaccines have been administered today in England and Wales.

• Vladimir Putin has said dozens of people in his inner circle at the Kremlin have tested positive, but he himself has tested negative, is "absolutely healthy" and continuing to work.