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Financial Advisory and Capital Markets Services to Corporates

Comprehensive coverage of over 420 companies

Investment ideas and execution for institutional investors

Complete UK pricing coverage and worldwide access

Our joined-up approach allows us to consistently deliver value

A wealth of experience, strong collegiate ethos underpinning our joined-up approach

Our principles define the relationship between our people, our departments and our clients

We are committed to making a difference in the communities we live and work in

We work hard to ensure every developer is involved across our entire technical real-estate. The team really enjoy the breadth of work and opportunity this brings, and the company benefits from their diversity of experience and skills.

James Cooper
Development Team Lead

Liquidity Provision

Technology is at the core of how we approach trading. Our proprietary trading platform facilitates market making in over 11,000 instruments and relies on modern computational techniques and state of the art research infrastructure to maximise the liquidity we offer.

“Trading is a science delivered through technology to future proof our business
James Webb, Head of Systematic Trading

"Peel Hunt is a long-standing and valued counterparty. Their intuitive trading technology enables us to maintain a consistently high level of client satisfaction, in an ever changing retail landscape and the most volatile of markets

Darren Garland, Dealing Desk Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown


‘REX’, has been developed in-house and allows wealth managers to enjoy the same level access to IPOs as institutional investors.

“Wealth managers who have seen Rex love it”
The Times

“REX is an independent proprietary retail platform, which gives corporates raising capital access to the entire retail market”
Head of Retail Capital Markets

“Our preference for any IPO would be to deal with Peel Hunt and their REX Platform over any other provider”
Hargreaves Lansdown

Institutional Execution

Our strategy is to use Peel Hunt’s excellent technology and retail ecosystem to add value to institutional clients.

“Peel Hunt has built a suite of execution algorithms that source from all relevant liquidity pools. We have used our unique internal technology to add an extra dimension by matching orders with retail liquidity. The results have been incredible!”
Head of Institutional Electronic Execution

"Peel Hunt’s Tech Team provides an excellent computational platform and exclusive data sources that facilitate unique quantitative analytics insights”
Quantitative Trader

Data Technology

The data team build data pipelines, perform analysis and create visualisations to allow the business to better identify opportunities and risks

“Having such a complex set of client data in a very clear & accessible format makes it easy to optimise the high touch service we offer our Institutional clients”
Hester White, Head of Client Account Management

“Our new Market & Credit Risk Dashboards have brought our ability to quantify and pin-point material firm level risks ahead by light years compared to where we were previously. Weeks’ worth of data assimilation are now delivered via a few clicks”
Risk Manager

Enterprise Technology

The PH App framework was built internally to deliver automated workflows to diverse areas of the business using centralised data sources.

“The IB Deal List has been an invaluable tool from both a compliance and commercial standpoint. It has enabled the creation of a repository of our IB deal-related information which can be interrogated in order to check for potential conflicts of interest (both regulatory and transactional) and to generate management information”
Hywel Llewellyn, General Counsel for Investment Banking