Infrastructure technology

Infrastructure Technology is responsible for delivering and maintaining the core IT infrastructure that underpins the company; hardware and software, mail and telephony, security and business continuity.

Solutions that allowed us to respond quickly and effectively to events such as Covid-19 and shifting to fully remote working.

Though Covid changed the world, we were fortunate to have built an infrastructure over the years that allowed us to respond immediately, and accommodate everyone working from home, with minimal disruption, in advance of lockdown

Matthew Honour Head of Infrastructure

Cyber & information security

Protecting it from compromise or attack to maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and availability are all integral aspects to the solutions we develop and deploy.

Service desk

The Service Desk is focused on supporting and enabling our staff through the technical solutions we offer. This starts with the technology they interact with everyday such as desktops, laptops and phones, and extends to our meeting room and AV solutions. We further optimise their ability to work flexibly and collaborate through tools such as Zoom, Jabber and Outlook Mobile.

Core infrastructure

Core Infrastructure designs, builds and manages the supporting layers of our technology platform. Whilst largely hidden from sight in our datacentres, this Infrastructure provides the services and technology on which all other Peel Hunt Technology relies. The Core Technology team are responsible for networks, servers, storage, databases, and the data centres themselves.