Alpha & Enterprise technology

Alpha Technology builds the systems which facilitate electronic liquidity provision, execution and risk management as well as developing tools to maintain efficient capital markets. Enterprise Technology develops and maintains the firms support functions such as Operations, Risk & Compliance, Finance and HR.

Our software engineers work across both areas to build shared infrastructure and ensure we deliver joined-up solutions. We are committed to being a leader in financial services technology and continually invest in our people, hardware, data and platform technology. We strive to provide friction-free access to liquidity and capital markets and allow our business to efficiently expand.

We work hard to ensure every developer is involved across our entire technical real-estate. The team really enjoy the breadth of work and opportunity this brings, and the company benefits from their diversity of experience and skills.

James Cooper Development Team Lead

Liquidity provision

Technology is at the core of how we approach trading. Our proprietary trading platform facilitates market making in over 11,000 instruments and relies on modern computational techniques and state of the art research infrastructure to maximise the liquidity we offer.


‘REX’, a technology platform owned and operated by Peel Hunt that has been developed in-house and allows wealth managers to enjoy the same level access to IPOs as institutional investors which gives corporates raising capital access to the entire retail market.

Institutional execution

Our strategy is to use our excellent technology and retail ecosystem to add value to institutional clients.

Data technology

The data team build data pipelines, perform analysis and create visualisations to allow the business to better identify opportunities and risks.

Enterprise technology

The PH App framework was built internally to deliver automated workflows to diverse areas of the business using centralised data sources.