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16 October 2019

Stamp duty – Making the cut

A reform of stamp duty could be one of the key announcements in next month’s Budget. It generates only 1% of UK Government tax revenue, yet rate changes since 2013 have clearly hindered second-hand housing transactions.

5 August 2019

Should you really be eating that pie? New gambling rules

GB-based gambling companies have to assess ‘affordability’ under new rules issued last week by the Gambling Commission and effective from Halloween. Operators believe they are already responsible; we will find out if they are responsible enough. We believe there is risk to revenue forecasts.

9 July 2019

GDPR – a rude awakening

While there was much fanfare before the introduction of the GDPR regulation, beyond being spammed by GDPR notice emails since it became effective in May 2018, the impact has been largely muted in the eyes of the general public. 

16 April 2019

Travel & Leisure - Pick the right sub-sectors

The Peel Hunt Travel & Leisure analysts believe the key to investing in Leisure is finding the cost mitigation, LFL sales potential (through market positioning, pricing power, scope to innovate or refurbish) and acquisition firepower to offset rising labour costs. The best sub-sectors can grow and embrace technology without attracting over-supply.

9 April 2019

Navigating certainty - Technology trends that matter

Given the dramatic swings in valuations, government policy and global economic outlook, there is a heightened level of uncertainty among technology executives and investors. Last year, we started our annual sector book by saying that: “we find it harder to recommend a significant overweight position for technology in the coming 12 months”. This year, we take a step back from forecasting the near term to frame the longer-term by looking at key tech themes.

28 March 2019

Top 5 qualities which make a good non-executive director

Sir Roger Carr was crowned the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award winner at the Non-Executive Director Awards hosted by Peel Hunt. In his acceptance speech, made on the 27th March at Claridges in London he listed the top 5 qualities which make a good non-executive director. 

5 February 2019

Mid and Small-Cap Investor Survey 2019: MiFID II - The Search for Research

The QCA/ Peel Hunt Mid and Small-Cap Investor Survey brings together the views of 102 UK-based find managers and 105 small and midsized quoted companies.

24 January 2019

Media in 2019 - The Micawber rationale

It is the week after the overwhelming rejection of Theresa May’s first Brexit proposal. Looking ahead into 2019, there is a beguiling form of uncertainty. Two years of negotiations have been rejected and a modern version Mr Micawber’s policy of “something will turn up” seems to offer a level of comfort to investors – a solution will be found because the worst surely cannot be allowed to happen.

9 October 2018

The Subscription Economy

With subscription models expanding, outside of the world of video/music, the benefits are clear: lower up-front cost for the subscriber leads to easier customer acquisition and stronger retention, alongside a predictable and guaranteed inflow for cash to support product innovation.

23 July 2018

Fortnite Frenzy

Fortnite is a multiplayer survival game that is free to play, but has generated $1bn+ revenue since its launch in July 2017 through paid in-game content. It has 125m players across all platforms, 40m of which play it every month.

9 July 2018

Reserves, resources and why you should care

7758 Ah∅(1-Sw)/Boi. This is the equation used to calculate the volume of oil initially in place in a reservoir, also known as Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place, or STOIIP. This is NOT the same as the volume of oil that can be recovered from a reservoir.

6 June 2018

Peel Hunt named top Research House in 2018 Extel Survey

After the major shakeup of the broking community following the implementation of MiFID II in January 2018, Peel Hunt has retained its title as the UK’s top research house focused on UK Small & Mid Caps in the latest industry rankings from Extel.

9 May 2018

More than just fun and games

As the $138bn Gaming industry experiences continued growth fuelled by mobile/console/PC, we highlight the 5 key themes that we think will shape the industry over the next decade.

8 May 2018

The end of classical computing limits

Most of us assume that, even with the help of modern computers, we never will be able to solve many of the problems that are taxing humanity, from degenerative diseases to sustainable energy. The classical binary architecture (1s and 0s) of the computers we use today, no matter how big we make them, negates that possibility. In order to solve problems such as protein folding (eg to find cures for Alzheimer’s) and superconducting efficiency (eg to improve storage and distribution of energy), we must emulate the way Nature itself does those calculations. This is essentially what Quantum Computers are.

3 May 2018

The end of Big Data

With the rising interest in artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data is increasingly thought of as a must for training AI. This is detrimental to what AI is supposed to achieve due to biases and limits inherent in Big Data.

23 April 2018

Income: The foundation of real estate returns

Over the past 15 years, income has accounted for around three quarters of real estate’s total return. Even over the past five years, when capital values have been rising steadily, income has still accounted for half of the return enjoyed. 

23 April 2018

The new world of MiFID II: Unintended Consequences

MiFID II is, without doubt, the most significant regulatory change to impact the financial markets since the ‘Big Bang’ in 1986. However, despite long running preparations ahead of its implementation in January 2018, nobody quite knew the effect that MiFID II would have on the City of London and the companies and investors it serves, or just how far reaching its implications might be.

19 April 2018

Housebuilders & Estate Agents – House Rules IV

The February/March results season did little to change our bullish view on the UK new housing market (see forecast changes on the left). It also did little to shake our more cautious view on transactions in the second-hand housing market.

9 April 2018

Gaming: Look away now?

It is getting harder to make money in the London-listed ngambling sector. This note discusses the key investment drivers in this new-ish reality and also looks beyond our usual horizons to see if there is more fun to be had elsewhere. 

5 December 2017

Real Estate - A game of two halves

Brexit effectively ended the long commercial property bull market for mainline retail centres and London offices – the two biggest weightings in the listed sector.

2 October 2017

Race is on to find top Neds

Past winners, sponsors and judges gathered together for a breakfast at the Natural History Museum to launch the Non-Executive Director Awards. 

27 September 2017

House Rules - Housebuilders & Estate Agents

In short, the new build housing market has remained in decent shape over the last 3-6 months, while the second-hand market has remained subdued. Sector share prices have largely followed this pattern, with the housebuilders up 5% in the last three months and estates agents down 2%.

19 September 2017

Travel & Leisure: Bowling Sector

The bowling sector is one of Leisure’s strongest sub-sectors with minimal exposure to rising costs and substantial scope to drive revenue and mitigate costs utilising new technology. 

24 August 2017

Telecommunications: The Gatekeepers of the Internet

In this Telecommunications sector note, Peel Hunt discuss the major themes at play in the industry such as our growing hunger for data, the inevitable tipping point for fibre optic technologies, the shifting sands of UK regulation, and Cloud-based services. 

7 June 2017

Peel Hunt named top Research House in 2017 Extel Survey

Ahead of the implementation of MiFID II, which is set to transform the sell side research industry from January 2018, Peel Hunt, is delighted to announce that it has been named top research house in the official Extel rankings of brokerage firms focused on UK Small & Mid Caps.

26 April 2017

Housebuilders & Estate Agents – House Rules

“House Rules” is the second quarterly report, looking at the UK housing market which covers all the listed housebuilders and estate agents. The note also includes two recommendation changes.

10 April 2017

Charity partnership with Rays of Sunshine announced

Peel Hunt is delighted to announce its charity partner for 2017- 2018 is Rays of Sunshine, www.raysofsunshine.org.uk, a children’s charity that grants wishes for seriously ill children aged 3 to 18 across the UK.

29 March 2017

Revving up

Industrials sector note ‘Revving up’ is out today. The team attempt to bridge the gap between what they consider to be cautious & conservative company guidance for 2017.

16 March 2017

2017 NED Awards Winners Announced

The 2017 Non-Executive Director Awards winners were announced at the 11th annual awards ceremony at Claridges on March 15th.

12 February 2017

2017 NED Awards Shortlist

25 nominees across 5 categories incl FTSE 100, Official List, AIM & Not-for-Profit/Public Service Organisation.

8 February 2017

UK Housing White Paper

Helpful but not revolutionary - Yesterday’s UK Housing White Paper entitled “Fixing our broken housing market” is the latest Government attempt to address the shortage of UK housing stock and the knock-on impacts of high house prices and rents.

19 January 2017

Technology Wrap - Looking ahead

As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, we believe it will be no different in 2017 with an ecosystem war being fought by Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and Sony.

5 January 2017

Top Growth Stocks for 2017

Growth at a reasonable price. The growth companies are chosen by our analysts on a bottom-up basis rather than attempting to create a portfolio or play a particular theme. As such, we see these companies as well positioned to deliver growth in their respective markets.

13 December 2016

Retail: Christmas Previews

I wish it could be Christmas every dayThe build up to peak has been much better for the retail sector this year, benefiting from favourable weather conditions, tighter stock control and less distressed markdown. 

8 December 2016

Technology Wrap - Technology everywhere

Technology impacts every individual, every company and every industry. It is changing the way we behave, changing the way we work and influencing business decisions. 

23 November 2016

Autumn Statement 2016

Impact of the Autumn Statement - There were few fireworks or rabbits in the Autumn Statement as most of the key initiatives had already been announced.

9 November 2016

Brexit PlusPlus

The Peel Hunt research analysts have pulled together their initial thoughts post the election. 

27 October 2016

Technology Wrap - Baskets

In the past fortnight we have been reminded that technology stocks can go both up and down, with dramatic moves in a short space of time.